Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tip to get pregnancy

Enhance by Eating
Proper nutrition leads to good health and a fit body.  This is a prerequisite to pregnancy as it requires you to nurture another life within you. So you must ensure that you are following healthy diet. Do not overlook the necessity to take supplemental vitamins and minerals as suggested by your healthcare provider.
Do not compromise on your fitness as you must also a have a good appetite. This is very vital in order to allow your body to take in the nutrients into its system. Pregnancy is a condition that requires a great deal of energy, nutrients and proteins both for the well being of the mother and the baby.
A healthy diet also ensures that your reproductive system functions properly. In this regard the body weight is also a prime associated concern. You should have exactly the required body weight which you can easily determine through the Body Mass Index or BMI. Remember, infertility is directly related with underweight and overweight alike.
Concentrate On the Timing:
Ensure the fact that the intercourse takes place right on the ovulation day and also the time surrounding the peak period. So maintain an ovulation chart and keep a track of the dates.

Position is Important:
When you are planning to get pregnant during intercourse, you should place a 2-3 inch dia pillow under your hips. That is, your hips should be in an elevated state when you are doing sex. This will ensure that the sperm does not leak out. It will easily flow into the egg and fertilize it.

Stop drugs:

To enhance your chances of pregnancy you should avoid extra drug smoking, and specially drinking.   

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